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    Wild rides, family vacations, creative fiction, factual road diaries and more. It's all here with photos!

  • Gas Logs

    Most classic muscle cars and ONE OWNER cars on this site come from an era of indifference to Miles Per Gallon. Back in the day, some gear heads tracked MPG to reveal a low tire, a dragging brake or the need for a tune-up. Nowadays high gas prices and limited resources make MPG important to everyone.

    GAS LOGS are open to any kind of car allowing comparisons between ONE OWNER classic machines and modern technology laden cars. OOCC compares real life gas mileage figures with EPA and printed road tests. Readers are welcome to submit their own records to the site by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We can calculate your mileage if we have the odometer reading and amount of fuel added over several fill-ups.

  • Maps

    Vintage maps of historic highways. Many of these maps were distributed by gas stations and bear the logos of the oil company. I love those old graphics.

  • Road Trip Media

    Articles about historic highways as well as discussion about roadtrips in books, movies and TV.