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J Clark and Son Limited, Sussex, NB (866) 701-6679

Dryden Motors (Lincoln Mercury), Moncton, NB (First production Mercury Cougar)


J CLARK AND SON LTD (Chevrolet), Sussex, NB (866) 701-6679

J Clark and Son Limited is Canada's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer located at 50 Leonard Drive,  Sussex, New Brunswick. J Clark and Son was established in 1883 by W.G. Clark who sold farm machinery, tools, carriages and sleighs. In 1915 Clark brought the first Chevrolet to Canada, in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Clark has moved several locations but since 1973 has been at 820 Prospect Street, Fredericton New Brunswick.


DRYDEN MOTORS (Lincoln Mercury), Moncton, NB (First production Mercury Cougar)

Dryden Motors was the oldest Lincoln Mercury dealership in Canada back in 1966. The dealership was located in Moncton, New Brunswick. The owner of the dealership Norm Dryden managed to get a promise from Lee Iaccoca that he would get a Cougar for his dealership when the debut occurred. As it turned out Iaccoca sent him serial number 1 which is the first production Mercury Cougar.

This car was a showcar and carefully put together. It also was loaded with options. The red car with white vinyl top has a 390-4 barrel with C6 automatic. The car features tilt steering, clock, AM/ FM radio, 8 track, console, cruise control, Mercury mag wheels with power front disc brakes. the car was great except that it was just a loan and couldn't be sold. Dryden leased it for 3 years then it sat in the dealership.

When Norm Dryden died in 1979 the dealership closed down and Ford issued a title to the car. In the 1990s Cougar guru Jim Pinkerton restored the car and takes it to significant car shows.

Interestingly, Atlantic Canada has scored 2 number serial numbered Ford pony cars. See the story on George Parsons Ford in the NEWFOUNDLAND section of the DEALERSHIPS for a story on Ford Mustang number one.

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