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Addison Cadillac Oldsmobile, Toronto, ON

Addison Chev Olds, Toronto, ON (formerly B & A Chev Olds)

Addison On Bay Pontiac Buick Ltd, Mississauga, ON/ 888-440-9477

Alex Irvine Chevrolet, Toronto, ON

Belmont Chevrolet Ltd, Toronto, ON

Border Pontiac Buick, Niagara Falls, ON

Peter Boyd Chev Olds, King City, ON (formerly Leslie, became Lawrie Veal)

British American Chev Olds Ltd, Toronto, ON (Corvette specialist/ COPO Camaros)

Grant Brown Motors Ltd (Pontiac), Weston, ON

H. D. Bryant Motors Ltd (Pontiac Buick), Windsor ON

Central Chevrolet Ltd, Toronto, ON

City Buick Pontiac, Toronto, ON (distributed Comanche Firebirds for Grant Hamilton)

Courtesy Chevrolet, Toronto, ON (866) 628-904 (Est 1968- formerly Courtesy Chev-Olds)

Brian Cullen Motors, (GM), St. Catharines, ON (905) 684-4476

Douglas Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC, Toronto, ON

Howard Elliot Motors Ltd, Brampton, ON

Claude Frost Motors Ltd (Pontiac), Brampton, ON

Gorries Chev Olds Ltd., Toronto, ON (creator of dealer special "Black Panther" Camaro)

Harbor Chevrolet, Toronto, ON

Heritage Ford, Scarborough, ON

Heron Motors Ltd (Chev-Olds), Toronto, ON/ Performance Dealership

Craig Hind Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Scarborough/ Toronto, ON

Holland Chevrolet, Burlington, ON (became Leggat Chev) (sold 1969 COPO Camaro)

Howard Elliot Motors Ltd, Brampton, ON (see Elliot)

Irvine Chevrolet (see Alex Irvine Chev)

Kane-Hickey Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac, Windsor, ON (formerly Webster Motors)- (supplied 1972 cop cars)

King City Chev Olds, King City, ON (formerly Lawrie Veal)

Kingsway Motors (1956) Ltd, Toronto, ON

Lakeview Chev Olds Cadillac, Windsor, ON

Leavens Motors Ltd, Toronto, ON

Leggat Chev Cadillac Buick GMC, Burlington, ON (formerly Holland Chev) 905 333-3700

Leslie Chev Olds, King City, ON (became Peter Boyd Chev Olds)

Bruce MacDougall Motors, Port Credit, ON

Frank J Murphy Ltd (Pontiac Buick Vauxall GMC), St. Catherines, ON

Dean Myers Chevrolet-Oldsmobile (1991) Ltd, Toronto, ON/ 800-613-3103

North York Chev Olds, Toronto, ON

Old Mill Pontiac (became Old Mill GM), Toronto, ON

Peel Chrysler Fiat, Mississauga, ON 866-449-7335

The Port Credit Motors Ltd (Chev- Olds/ Ford- Monarch), Port Credit, ON

Raceway Plymouth Chrysler Ltd, Rexdale/ Toronto, ON 877-341-3404

Robertson (Chev Pontiac), Toronto, ON

Lawrie Veal Chev Olds, King City, ON (formerly Peter Boyd, became King City)

Webster Motors Windsor Ltd. (Chev-Olds-Cadillac), Windsor, ON (Distributed and produced Black Panther Camaros under license to Gorries Chev)

Woodlarkin Ford, Toronto, ON

Chevy Yonge Holdings Ltd, Toronto, ON

York Mills Pontiac, Toronto, ON





Addison Cadillac Oldsmobile was located at 832 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario during the 1950s and 1960s. Addison traces back to Addison On Bay which was a Cadillac dealer all the way back in the 1930s. Addison also owned most other GM franchises at one time or another.


ADDISON CHEVROLET BUICK GMC, Mississauga, ON/ 888-440-9477

ADDISON ON BAY PONTIAC BUICK LTD, Toronto ON (formerly B & A Chev Olds)

Addison On Bay Pontiac Buick Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario expanded to become Addison Chevrolet Buick GMC with three dealerships at two locations in Mississauga. Addison GM and Addison Chevrolet Buick GMC are both located at 1220 Eglinton Ave East. Addison Chevrolet Buick GMC West is at 6600 Turner Valley Road. For those of you who are interested in codes, GM assigned zone 95 to Toronto, Ontario.

Addison made an interesting acquisition in Oct, 1969 when they bought out the British & American Chev Olds lot at 77-85 Avenue Rd in the Yorkville area of Toronto. This was a heavy hitting sports car and musclecar dealership. Addison relocated the Chev Olds franchise up to Steeles Ave, Toronto, ON.



Alex Irvine Chevrolet was located at 2655 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario during the 1960s. Scarborough was amalgamated into the city of Toronto in 1998. Alex Irvine relocated to Markham but soon after completing the move he died and the dealership closed down.





Belmont Chevrolet Ltd was located at 2359 Danfoth Ave, Toronto, Ontario in the 1960s. Belmont's second location was at 1945 Lawrence Ave W.


BORDER PONTIAC BUICK, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Border Pontiac Buick was located in Niagara Falls, Ontario during the 1970s.


PETER BOYD CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, King City, ON/ (formerly Leslie Chev Olds)

Peter Boyd Chevrolet Oldsmobile was located on King Road in the Toronto suburb of King City, Ontario. Peter Boyd bought out the long standing Leslie Chev Olds business. Eventually Boyd sold to Lawrie Veal.


BRITISH & AMERICAN CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTD, Toronto, ON (Corvette specialist/ COPO Camaros) became Addison Chev Olds

British & American Chev Olds Ltd was located at 77-85 Avenue Rd in the Yorkville area of Toronto, Ontario. Most people knew the dealership by their acronym "B & A Chev Olds". B & A brought in British sports cars but also saturated the lot with Vettes muscle cars and even managed to bring in some COPO Camaro 427s.

Addison Chev Olds bought out the B & A lot around Oct, 1969. Addison moved the franchise up to Steeles Ave later on. The former B & A lot is now a high rise condo building with a Whole Foods grocery store on the ground floor. 


GRANT BROWN MOTORS LTD (Pontiac), Weston, ON/ (became Grant Brown GM)

Grant Brown Motors Ltd was a Pontiac dealer in the small town of Weston, Ontario which is now part of greater Toronto, Ontario. The dealership later became known as Grant Brown GM.


H. D. BRYANT MOTORS LTD (Pontiac Buick), Windsor, ON (formerly Lorne T. Rowson Ltd)

H. D. Bryant Motors Ltd was a Pontiac Buick franchise located at 915 Tecumseh Road East at Parent, Windsor Ontario. President H. D. Bryant took over the dealership from Lorne T. Rowson and renamed it Jan 22, 1962. At the time the dealeship franchises included Pontiac, Buick, GMC trucks, Vauxall, Bedford, and Acadian which was marketed as a separate line at the time. Bryant continued to carry Vauxall into the 1970s.

Bryant sold his dealership in April, 1971 to Bill Howitt.



Central Chevrolet Ltd was located at 2668 Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario during the 1960s.

J. B. "Jack" Sangster (b. May 15, 1906, Bogart, Scotland) had owned Mid West Motors since 1940, and later Mid-City Motors (Saskatoon 1945) but sold out in order to buy Central Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd, London, Ontario in 1950. By 1959 Central Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Ltd was the largest Chevrolet dealership in Western Ontario. Albert E. Stedelbauer purchased it Aug 1, 1959.

Stedelbauer sold his Downtown Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealeship in Windsor, Ontario in March, 1959 and was looking to upgrade. His son George came to work with him in the new location. Albert had been in the business since he started working at 17 in 1929 at his father Julius E. Stedelbauer's GM dealership in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Julius was born about 1880. Albert ran his own GM dealership in Tillsonburg from 1942 to 1946. He moved to Stratford for 2 years before buying Downtown Chev-Olds in Windsor. Stedelbauer's second son, Bill (b. c 1943) eventually joined the business as well.

On Nov 11, 1976 the dealership burned down, but Manager Bill Stedelbauer was able to stay open because a portion of the building was unaffected. Salesmen drove display cars out of the burning building before the fire consumed the building.


CITY BUICK PONTIAC, Toronto, ON (distributed Comanche Firebirds for Grant Hamilton/ became City Buick Chevrolet Cadillac GMC)

City Buick Pontiac is located at 1900 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, Ontario. The dealership traces its roots back to Harry J Carmichael who was general manager at General Motors Canada until the war broke out. He quit in order to help with the war effort. After WWII Harry helped estabish his son Jack Carmichael as a GM dealer on 2500 Danforth and Main in 1955. Harry bought Jack a former Chevy dealership owned by Harry Addison from 1953-55. The dealership was formerly known as Giles, Rice and Peters.

Jack named his new dealership City Buick and eventually added a Pontiac franchise. In March, 1967 the dealership moved to a purpose built building at 1900 Victoria Park Avenue. City was a large dealership and distributed Comanche Firebirds for Grant Hamilton.

When Jack died in 1992 his son John took over the dealership. John's son Michael completed a Political Science degree then went on to do an MBA in 2003. By 2005 he was running City. Michael bought his father John out in 2009 by partnering with Humberview Group who own several dealerships.




COURTESY CHEVROLET, Toronto, ON (866) 628-904 (Est 1968- formerly Courtesy Chev Olds)

Courtesy Chevrolet Oldsmobile was located at 2749 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario during the 1960s. When GM killed off the Oldsmobile division, the dealership contracted to solely Chevrolet.

Courtesy Chevrolet is currently located at 1635 The Queensway in Toronto, Ontario. As of winter, 2014 Courtesy had 121 new vehicles in stock, 65 of which were cars. They had 4 new 2014 3.6 L V6 Camaros in stock, including a black 2014 ZL1 VIN 2G1FZ1EP8E9801180.


BRIAN CULLEN MOTORS LTD, (GM), St. Catharines, ON (905) 684-4476

dealer brian cullen gm st catharines on logo

Brian Cullen Motors Ltd is a GM dealership located at , St. Catharines, Ontario.





Douglas Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC was located in Toronto, Ontario.






HOWARD ELLIOT MOTORS LTD (Chevrolet), Brampton, ON

Howard Elliot Motors Ltd was a Chevrolet dealership located at 241 Queen Street East, Brampton, Ontario in the 1960s.



Claude Frost Motors Ltd was a Pontiac dealership in Brampton, Ontario during the 1960s.




GOLDEN MILE MOTORS (Chevrolet), Scarborough, ON (Racing sponsor, affiliated with Gorries)

The Golden Mile Motors Ltd was a Chevrolet franchise located on Pillette at Tecumseh Road, Scarborough, Ontario when it opened in 1953. The business soon became the largest Chevrolet dealership in all of Canada due to it's high performance emphasis. Golden Mile President Joseph L. Seitz was also President of A. D. Gorrie & Company. When Joseph's son left the business to pursue a career as a concert pianist, grandson Burke Seitz was elected VP of both dealerships. Burke (b. Jan 23, 1925) was a sportsman and avid racer. The dealership sponsored racing and drew in performance specialists.

In the 1960s both Golden Mile and Gorries were awash in high peformance inventory. One of the mechanics, Rick Eaton was sponsored in a Hugger Orange 1969 Z/28 in SS/GA. The door sponsorship logo incorporated both names as "Gorries Golden Mile". Mechanic Doug Duncan was renowned for his racing preparation talents.

Around 1968 Gorries was sold with Gorries staff and inventory consolidated into a larger location at 1897 Eglington Ave East, Scarborough, ON. Around 1969 racer Bryan Rowntree bought Golden Mile. Reg Crozier served as president during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1977 Golden Mile billed themselves as the Corvette Capital of Canada with abundant new and used stock on hand. Golden Mile retained strong Corvette inventory and also distributed Calloway Corvettes, too.

When the 50 foot high neon Golden Mile Chevrolet sign was taken down this was deemed symoblic of not only the end of this long standing high performance palace, but also the final end of the Golden Mile of Industry boomtown.

Jerry Coffey, Corvette salesman extrordinaire died Dec 13, 2013.



Gorries Chev Olds was located at 28 Gerrard Street East at Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The dealership name traces back to 1917 when A. D. Gorrie purchased a Ford franchise. By the 1950s Gorries was a large well established Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealer who advertised themselves to be the largest GM parts vender in Canada. A decade later Gorries' claim to fame arrived when they became one of the Canadian dealerships who created 'dealer supercars' in the same vein as did Yenko and other famous USA dealerships. At this time the dealership was still named Gorrie's but under ownership of Ernest Burke Seitz. Known as Burke (b. Jan 23, 1925) he was a race car driver and attracted high performance specialists to his staff. He also owned Golden Mile Motors Ltd. which was also performance oriented.

Gorrie's top performance salesman Jerry Coffey (b. Jan 18, 1924) made his rep as the number one Corvette salesman in Canada. Despite a Vette specialization Jerry brought in volume Chevelle SS, Impala SS 427s and Chevelle SS 396s and Olds 4-4-2s. Despite Gorrie's being a stand-alone Chev- Olds dealership Jerry was able to wheel and deal and bring in brand new Pontiac GTOs, and Buick GSs on dealer trades. Jerry eagerly awaited the release of the much hyped new Chevrolet Camaro, which was originaly going to be named Panther.

Gorries reverted back to the roots of the Camaro by choosing the name Panther for their dealer special edition musclecar. In 1966, prior to introduction of the 1967 Camaro, the Chevrolet division intended to name their new ponycar "The Panther". In an attempt to assuage growing safety concerns, GM worked to squelch any hint of aggression or power in their ads. GM had the Panther name killed. Around this time, the well developed Pontiac "Tiger" theme was also axed by management. Another factor contributing to the demise of the Panther name was the coincidental timing of the release of the Mercury ponycar named the Cougar, which was itself a take-off on the British manufactured Jaguar. Chevrolet reverted to tradition and the Camaro was released with a "C" name which fit in well with Corvette, Chevy II, Chevelle, Caprice etc.

Gorries Chevrolet Olds were free of the GM restraints and revived the Panther name. Gorries creating a supercar named "The Black Panther". The Gorries dealer special was a 1967 black Camaro with gold interior. Dealer added gold stripes and lettering augmented the interior and exterior contrast. A nice "feline" touch was added through the choice of Red Stripe "Tiger Paw" tires to hammer home the cat concept! The wheels could be upgraded to chrome reverse mags.

The Black Panther Camaros mostly came in 2 barrel 327-275 hp form with Powerglide or manual shift configuration. Because they were a high performance dealership, of course Gorries built some high performance versions. Black Panther treatments were applied to SS 350 and Z/28 cars which were destined for racing. Craig Fisher competed in a March, 1967 Trans Am race driving a Black Panther.

The Gorries demonstrator Black Panther Camaro was an SS 396 converted with an L-72 427-425 hp short block. This was the same trick that Dickie Harrell and Don Yenko were doing to pack big cube punch into their super Camaros. One of Gorrie's Performance Managers; George Moss, drove the Black Panther as his personal demonstrator. The same car was used in a May, 1967 road test printed in the enthusiast magazine Canada Track and Traffic. A popular Gorries dealer option for the Black Panther was a "007 Console' which inserted dummy switches marked "machine guns", "bullet shield", "laser beam" etc. It mimicked the switches used in James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball. About fifty cars were produced and they were sprinkled around dealers in Canada and USA.

Gorries distributed their Black Panther outside their own lot. Myers Motors Co. Ottawa, ON; Eastown Chevrolet, London, ON; Chevrolet Motor Sales, Montreal, QC; and Bob Johnson Chevrolet, Halifax, NS distributed Black Panthers. Webster Motors (Windsor) Ltd went further than just distributing the cars. Websters signed an agreement with Gorries to produce Black Panthers on their premises using a kit supplied by Gorries.

The headlines from the USA about the Black Panther party getting into shoot-outs tinged the Black Panther name with too much political baggage. Another reason for the demise of the Black Panther Camaro was the flurry of activity accompanying the 1968 sale of Gorries Chev Olds. Burke Seitz consolidated his Gorries staff and inventory into his other dealership: Golden Mile Motors, 1765 Eglington Ave East, Scarborough, Ontario.
The former Gorries lot is now home to The Saint James Hotel.



Harbor Chevrolet was located in Toronto, Ontario.


HERITAGE FORD, Scarborough/ Toronto, ON (416)-261-3311

Heritage Ford is located at 2660 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON. Scarborough was assimilated into the Metro Toronto area. The long standing dealership at one time also carried the Canadian only Monarch brand. When the Boss 302 was revived Heritage stocked a Schoolbus Yellow and Red one. They have also carried Shelby GT500s.

In Spring, 2021 Heritage had one of the new 2021 Mustang Mach-E crossover vehicles in stock. Significantly, they stocked a healthy inventory of the actual Mustang CAR: 26 examples. All of their Mustangs were GTs! total new vehicles totaled 84.


HERON MOTORS LTD (CHEV OLDS), Toronto, ON/ Performance dealership

Heron Motors Ltd was a Chevrolet Oldsmobile located at Dundas and Cooksville in Toronto, Ontario. In the 1960s they billed themselves as "West Toronto's most progressive GM performance dealership". They pushed the Camaro, Corvette, Nova, Impala and the Oldsmobile 4-4-2.


CRAIG HIND CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP, Scarborough, ON/ 866-360-6490


Craig Hind Chrysler Dodge Jeep is located at 2180 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough, Ontario. The dealership was originally Craig Hind Dodge Chyrsler Ltd until a Jeep franchise was added and the order of the names was shuffled.


HOLLAND CHEVROLET, Burlington, ON (became Leggat Chev)

Holland Chevrolet's final location was so large it is listed at 2 different addresses which both cross parts of the dealership: 2207 Fairview St and 4100 Harvester Rd, Burlington, Ontario.

The Holland history begins with John Holland, Sr who opened his first dealership in 1961. John, Sr had a new building built in 1966 at 1401 Plains Rd E at Brant Street in Burlington. At this point Holland had augmented the Chevrolet franchise with Oldsmobile.

John Sr.'s son, John Holland, Jr. began working in the dealership in 1974. In 2005, the dealership had grown so much it required a new facility. John Holland, Jr was now owner of the dealership and directed construction of a new building at 4100 Harvester Road. Construction was completed summer, 2007.

Sadly, soon after the opening of the new location Holland needed to sell. Fortunately in May, 2009 the location was bought by another long established dealership in the Ontario area and became Leggat Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC.

69 COPO Camaro mike hill holland chev front

Holland Chevrolet sold a particularly exciting car back in 1969 to a young man named Mike Hill. Mike bought a 1969 COPO Camaro from Holland Chevrolet on his 19th birthday Oct, 17 1969. He paid $4,200.00 for his brand new Yellow COPO Camaro.

69 COPO Camaro mike hill holland chev side

When Mike had to sell his COPO Camaro in 1971 he lost track of the car. He heard that the Camaro was repainted Black. The new owner displayed the Camaro in the West Edmonton mall. The owner who displayed the car was named Wally Goeres and he lived in Edmonton, Alberta.

69 COPO Camaro mike hill holland chev rear

Son Zack Hill states that his dad Mike adored the Camaro and wants to talk to the new owner or fly out and take a look at it. The COPO was a big part of Mike's life. Mike bought it young and as son Zack tells us,

"Every crazy story he tells has this car in it one way or another."

Mike recalls that it was a really rare car. Only 5 were known to be in Ontario at the time he owned it. When Mike sold his COPO it was a real COPO with all the original parts intact.

If Wally or any of his friends have information about the car, Mike would love to hear from you. Drop a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mike says,

"You don't know what it would mean to me if I could touch this car again."






KANE-HICKEY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC, Windsor, ON (formerly Don Webster Motors)- supplier of 1972 cop cars.

Kane-Hickey was a Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac franchise located at 465 Windsor, Ave (City Hall Square), Windsor, Ontario during the 1970s. The dealership was formerly Don Webster Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac Ltd. Dan Kane and Bill Hickey were old time Canadian auto guys who returned from USA to Windsor to buy Websters June 8, 1970. Bill's dad J. H. Hickey was a high ranking executive at Chrysler Canada Ltd. Bill worked there until he joined the US army flying school in 1940. He rose through the ranks of Stark Hickey Ford, Detroit from 1950 to 1966 at which time he was VP.

Dan Kane was from Quebec City and met Bill Hickey at Assumption College. Dan became sales manager for Floyd Foren Ford, Royal Oak, MI for 10 years. The dealership became Stark-Hickey. Dan was sales manager for Northland Ford and Floyd Foren Chevrolet.

The pair originally retained Don Webster as president and kept the Webster name on signage. The timing for the name change to Kane-Hickey placed them right in the middle of a GM strike in Sep, 1970! They persevered. In June, 1971 Kane-Hickey was the lowest bidder to supply 53 Chevrolet cop cars for Windsor. In 1972 Dan Kane became the sole owner of the business. In 1976 he began plans ot build a larger dealership outside the city core.

Dan Kane Chevrolet Oldsmobile was out of the bidding when Windsor Police needed 43 new 1977 model cop cars. The department wanted to stay with 120" wheelbase and 400 motors. The new downsized 1977 Chevy had a 116" wheelbase and a weak 305 engine.


KING CITY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, King City, ON (formerly Lawrie Veal)

King City Chevrolet Oldsmobile was the final incarnation of a long standing dealership in King City, Ontario. The owners of King City, were the Williamson family from Uxbrigde. They bought the dealership which was formerly Lawrie Veal. Prior to that it was Peter Boyd and before that the long standing Leslie Chev Olds.



Kingsway Motors (1956) Ltd was located at 3085 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario during the 1960s. Later in the 1990s GM forced dealerships to incorporate the lineup franchise name and owner's name into the dealership name. The former dealership lot is now the Montgomery Condominium building.



Lakeview Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac was located at Kingsville, Windsor, Ontario. Established by Max Hamashuk, the dealership was taken over in 1967 by Bill Howitt. When Howitt bought H. D. Bryant Motors, Windsor in April, 1971 he sold the Lakeview dealership to Dan Webster. Dan had 20 years experience working in his father's Webster Motors Windsor dealership before he and his brother bought the family dealership in 1965. Lakeview had a staff of 11 (including the original owner Max) in 1971.



Leavens Motors Ltd was a GM dealership located at 3180 Dufferin St, Toronto, Ontario.


LEGGAT CHEV CADILLAC BUICK GMC, Burlington, ON (formerly Holland Chev) 905 333-3700

dealer leggat chev logo ontario

Leggat Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC is located at 2207 Fairview St, Burlington, Ontario. This location formerly housed long standing dealership Holland Chevrolet. The Holland story can be seen further up the page. Leggat bought the dealership in 2009.

Roy Leggat established the first Leggat family car dealership in 1922. Roy used a $3,000.00 loan from his mother to open the dealership. Roy was born on a family farm in Stoney Creek, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario was the closest 'large' city in the area.

Roy began selling Ruggles trucks then Oakland brand cars before they became Pontiac. In 1932 the Chrysler franchise was obtained and Leggat sold Chryslers until 1962.

Roy Leggat's son, Doug Leggat took over the family business which expanded to include dealerships in Burlington, Etobicoke and Ancaster, Ontario.

Doug Leggat still runs dealerships in Burlington and Etobicoke. Doug’s son Brian Leggat has been actively adding dealerships to the Leggat Auto Group.


LESLIE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, King City, ON (became Peter Boyd Chev Olds)

Leslie Chev Olds was located on King Road in King City, Ontario. This long standing dealership was bought several times. After Peter Boyd bought the dealership it became Lawrie Veal and after that King City Chev Olds.



Bruce MacDougall Motors was a GM dealership located in Port Credit, Ontario.





FRANK J MURPHY LTD (Pontiac Buick Vauxall GMC), St. Catherines, ON

Frank J Murphy Ltd was a Pontiac Buick Vauxall GMC dealership located at 57 Ontario St, St. Catherines, Ontario durning the 1960s.




Dean Myers Chevrolet-Oldsmobile (1991) Limited was renamed MYERS CHEVROLET and is currently still located at 3180 Dufferin Street, Toronto Ontario.



North York Chev Olds was located at 5642 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario. North York is now part of Metro Toronto.


OLD MILL GM, Toronto, ON 888-647-8623


Old Mill Pontiac was established at 2500 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario in 1947. In the 1960s the dealership included Buick and the name was changed accordingly to Old Mill Pontiac Buick Ltd.

Lou Vavaroutsos was born in Greece and raised in Australia before coming to Canada and working in a dealership. After proving himself in sales, in 1984 Lou Vavaroutsos bought the Old Mill dealership. In 1991, Old Mill was added Cadillac to the lineup. On Dec 15, 2010 Old Mill added Chevrolet to the lineup which now comprised the full GM roster. The dealership has 2 locations: Eastside Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd and Westside Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.




PEEL CHRYSLER FIAT, Mississauga, ON 866-449-7335

dealer peel chrysler license frame

Peel Chrysler Fiat is located at 212 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, Ontario. In spring, 2015 Peel had 318 new vehicles in stock, 96 of which were Dodges which included 2 Chargers and 1 SRT Viper. Peel was originally known as Peel Chrysler Plymouth Inc.


THE PORT CREDIT MOTORS LTD (Chev-Olds/ Ford-Monarch), Port Credit, ON

The Port Credit Motors Ltd was a Chev- Olds and also Ford- Monarch dealership located at 321 Lakeshore Rd W, Port Credit, Ontario.


RACEWAY PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER LTD., Rexdale/ Toronto, ON 877-341-3404

Raceway Plymouth Chrysler Ltd is located at 150 Rexdale Blvd West in Rexdale (Toronto), Ontario and established 1968. Ed Nimeck was president (started at Raceway 1968) and Gordon Nimeck was vice president during the 1980s. Ed's son, Reg Nimeck went on to become owner of the dealership now named Raceway Chysler Dodge Jeep Fiat Ltd.

Their most famous salesman immigrated from Italy in 1958. Franco Nardelli was the leader in sales for the whole country throughout the 1970s, selling over 300 cars per year most years.


ROBERTSON (Chev Pontiac), Toronto, ON

Robertson was a Chevrolet Pontiac dealership located at Danforth and Coxwell, Toronto, Ontario.












LAWRIE VEAL CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, King City, ON (formerly Peter Boyd, became King City)

Lawrie Veal Chev Olds was located on King Road in King City, Ontario. Veal bought the dealership from Peter Boyd and later sold it. In its final incarnation the dealership became King City Chev Olds.


WEBSTER MOTORS (Chev-Olds-Cadillac), Windsor, ON (Distributed and produced Black Panther Camaros under license to Gorries Chev)

Webster Motors (Windsor) Ltd was a GM franchise located at 465 Windsor, Ave (City Hall Square), Windsor, Ontario during the 1960s.

The dealership originated in 1930 on Ottawa Street, Windsor as a Ford franchise. On Dec 11, 1948 a new modern facility was opened to the public at 465 Windsor, Windsor, ON. Owners Fred and Bruce Webster still carried a Ford-Monarch franchise at this time. Fred was in charge of sales with help from his son, Donald. Bruce was in charge of the service department. The new building had 50 mechanics and was considered one of the most modern and large dealerships in Canada.

Webster also had a used car location at Walker and Tecumseh Rd, Windsor. This used lot became a Viscount mobile homes display lot in April, 1970. Webster continued with a lot at Goyeau Ave and moved another used lot near thier new franchise on Windsor.

On Nov 1, 1966 Webster's officially became a Chev-Olds-Cadillac franchise with Donald B. Webster as President of the dealership and his brother Dan Webster also on board. (See Lakeview Chev-Olds-Cadillac which was later purchased by Dan Webster).

Webster's performance man Terry McLean got involved with the Toronto dealership Gorries' Black Panther project. Webster Motors not only agreed to distribute the dealer special Black Panther Camaros, but to produce them on their lot as well. By May, 1967 Webster produced at least 4 Black Panthers using a template provided by Gorries in addition to displaying a Gorries built Black Panther pilot car. See the story on this page about Gorries for more information about the Black Panther Camaros.

In June, 1967 Webster's held a Black Panther sale. A new 327 Automatic cost $3,372.00. Don changed the name of the dealership to Don Webster Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac Ltd.

On June 8, 1970 Don Webster sold the dealership to Dan Kane and Bill Hickey. It was renamed Kane- Hickey Chev Olds Cadillac in August. Don and his wife moved to Hamilton, New Zealand where they operated "Creeters of New Zealand" as well as dealing in industrial real estate.











Woodlarkin was a Ford dealership located in Toronto, Ontario.



Chevy Yonge Holdings Ltd. was located in Toronto Ontario.



York Mills Pontiac was located in downtown Toronto, Ontario near the cross street of Young in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1960s the dealership was a Pontiac Buick dealership. The corner it used to be on is now a Loblaws grocery store.


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