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ONTARIO Dealerships (CANADA)
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ONTARIO Dealerships (CANADA)


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Michael Boyer Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd., Pickering, ON 905-831-2693

Central Chev Olds Ltd, London, ON

Downtown GM, St. Marys, ON (519) 284-3310

Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler, Sudbury, ON 866-775-1101 (formerly Gardner Motors)

Sandy Elliot Ford Lincoln Mercury, Chatham, ON (Border Bandits drag sponsor/ dealer special "Bandit" Comet GT/ Ford Motor Co clinic prep work)

Gardner Motors, Sudbury, ON (became Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler)- (oldest Chrysler dealership in Canada)

Lloyd Hall Motors Ltd (Pontiac Buick), Ingersoll, ON

Hamilton Motor Products (Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac-GMC), Hamilton, ON

Hopper Pontiac Buick GMC, North Bay, ON 888-392-9178

Kawartha Chrysler, Peterborough, ON 866-451-3834

Lakewood Ford Sales Ltd (1975) North Bay, ON- Closed

Leslie Ford, Harriston/ Walkerton/ Wingham, ON 800-997-2310

Gus Revenberg Chevrolet Buick GMC, Windsor, ON (519) 979-2800

True North Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd, North Bay, ON 888-764-3246


BOYER AUTO GROUP, Pickering, ON/ 905-831-2693


Michael Boyer Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd. is located at 745 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario which is just east of the GM city of Oshawa, Ontario.

Boyer Chevrolet has locations in Apsley, Ontario, Bellevue, ON, Lindsay, Ontario and Pickering, Ontario. This plate is from a Buick sold when Boyer was in just two of the cities as seen above. Boyer Chevrolet Lindsay was founded by Michael E. Boyer in 1981. Brandon Boyer is the General Manager of the dealerships which all survived the GM downsizing of 2009.



Central Chev Olds Ltd was located in London, Ontario. For those of you who are interested in codes, GM assigned zone 85 to London, Ontario.


DOWNTOWN GM, St. Marys, ON (519) 284-3310

Downtown GM is located at 449 Queen St W, St. Marys, Ontario.


MIKE DOYLE DODGE CHRYSLER, Sudbury, ON 866-775-1101 (formerly Gardner Motors)

Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler is located at 2555 Regent Street South, Sudbury, Ontario. The dealership was first established by Percy Gardner and did business as Gardner Motors for nearly 100 years. The dealership has been in continuous business and is the oldest Chrysler dealership in Canada.


SANDY ELLIOT FORD LINCOLN MERCURY, Chatham, ON (Border Bandits drag sponsor/ high performance dealership)

Sandy Elliot Ford Lincoln Mercury was located at 378 Richmond Street in Chatham, Ontario. The dealership remains famous for its sponsorship of the racing team nicknamed the Border Bandits.

Alexander O. "Sandy" Elliot was a salesman for Stonehouse Brothers Ford in Petrolia. In 1927 Sandy procured his own Ford dealership in Lambeth. In 1929 Sandy relocated to Exeter with his Ford dealership. Sandy expanded in 1947 with a Wallaceburg, Ontario Mercury dealership. When Thames Motors on Richmond Street in Chatham came up for sale Sandy bought it out and moved his dealership to this location.

Things were relatively quiet in the dealership until Sandy's son Howard James "Sandy" Elliot returned from WWII service. The Junior Sandy was born 1920, in Oil Springs, Ontario and was the right age to become enamoured with drag racing. Sandy's success swooping over the border to nab USA racing trophies earned his dealership team the nickname "The Border Bandits".

Elliot fielded a 1966 Mercury Comet convertible named "The Collector" with a 390 in D/SA at NHRA winning one eliminator and placing high in the Indy Nationals. In 1967 they ran a Mercury Comet wagon. Experienced drag racer Barry Poole (originally from Toronto) was Sandy's Performance Advisor for the Sandy Elliot Performance Center. Their racing exploits fueled customer demand for super tunes, parts and hot inventory on the Sandy Elliot lot.

Sandy's teenage son John Elliot did driving duties in a 1967 A/SA Comet that won class in 1968 Winternationals when he was 17 years old. Barrie Poole came in 2nd in his class (C/S) in a Comet wagon at the same event. Elliot also ran a Mustang in 1968.

In 1969 the Elliot team entered 3 cars in Super Stock. John Elliot drove a 1969 Mustang C/J 428 automatic. Barry Poole drove their SS/J 1969 Mustang 428- 4 speed. The 1967 Elliot Comet was revamped into an SS/F car. All 3 cars had distinctive red paint that ended at the rear quarters which had black and white vertical "zebra stripes".

In 1971 the team built a 1971 Mercury Comet with a 429 Cobra Jet engine to race the Pro Stock classes. Elliot also built racers for other dealerships and racers. Scott Wilson's "The Going Thing" 1969 Mustang was built by Elliot. When the season was over, they sold it for him through their Performance Center.

All the racing publicity increased performance sales at the dealership. Mercury only shipped 100 of the new 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminators to Canada. Of that 100, 12 of the Eliminators went to Sandy Elliot on May 30, 1969. That is 12% of the entire country's inventory! Elliot had 302, 351, and 428 Eliminators in the mix. On Nov 15, 1969 inventory blow-out time only one 428 Eliminator remained in stock. Only 2,250 Eliminators were built for 1969 model year.

The Elliot Performance Center stocked copious quantities of goodies from both Ford and the aftermarket: Autolite and Holley carbs, Ford, General Kinetics, and Crane Cams; Hooker, Doug's and MT headers, and of course Hurst shifters. Elliot stocked Sun and Dixco tachometers; MT, Cragar, Good Guy, and ET mags; and D. D. traction bars. They covered both street and strip with Goodyear Polyglass, and 9" Inglewood street tires, as well as Goodyear, MT, and M & H slicks. Being a Shelby distributor provided Elliot with shelby aluminum manifolds.

Elliot's inventory was enormous and expansively expound o in ebullient ads. Elliot Cobra Jets were promoted under banner of Street Sweeper, King Kong Kar, or Killer Car! A typical car being sold through the Performance Center was a 1969 Cyclone Cobra Jet 428 Ram Air, Hurst 4 speed, 3.91:1 Locker, Dixco Tach, Good Guy wheels, and Inglewood tires that ran 13.87 seconds at 104 mph in Pure Stock Class. This car was John Elliot's demo car! In an earlier incarnation this car had H70-15 Polyglass tires on Cragar wheels.

Barry Poole's demo car was just as raucous: a 1969 Cougar XR-7 428 Cobra Jet, Hurst 4 speed, with 3.91:1 Locker running Polyglass tires on Hurst mag wheels. It had been treated to a Barry Poole Performance Tune. The used stock was great stuff: 1969 Cougar 351-4 bbl Hurst 4 speed, 1969 Cyclone 428 CJ Ram Air with headers, 4.30:1 Locker, Cobra Tach on E.T. mags.

Other brands of cars appeared in the used ranks such as a 1969 GTO Judge, 1965 Mustang 289-4 with Isky cam, solids and mags, 1967 Beaumont 396-350 hp with cc'ed head, 4 speed, Sun tach, 4.11 Posi and mags, 1969 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed, 1969 Camaro SS convertible 395-375 hp 4 speed, 4.11:1 Posi and disc brakes etc.

The November, 1969 list of new 1970 model Mercurys in Elliot's Performance Center was incredible: Competition Gold 302 Boss Eliminator; Competition Blue 351-4 Eliminator; Competition Gold 428 Eliminator; Competition Gold Spoiler 429-370 hp; Competition Green Spoiler 429-370 hp; Competition Gold Spoiler 429-375 hp; Competition Gold Cyclone 429-375 hp; Competition Yellow Cyclone 429-370 hp; Competition Yellow Montego 351-4; and a Maverick done up with hood scoops, spoilers and mag wheels.

The 1970 Ford of Canada Performance Clinic followed the template of the USA Ford and Chrysler clinics. The tour would come to town with cars to race, then bring the strip cars into a local high performance dealership to show race films and answer questions. Sandy Elliot was selected to prep the 3 Ford Motor Co supplied cars destined for use in the clinics. Barry Poole prepped the engines and repainted the cars blue with white cut outs that progressively merged into solid white front noses. Mike Wood supplied a 4th clinic car. His Pro Stock Mustang was actually a former 1969 Boss 429 Kar Kraft test car updated to 1970 specs.

Scott Wilson (former driver of "The Going Thing" Mustang) joined the clinic to drive the 1970 428 CJ Mustang (SS/HA) and the Pro Stock SOHC Mustang. Vic Beleny drove the 1970 429 CJ Cyclone (G/SA) and the 1970 428 CJ Cougar (H/S). The team later added Louie Rivait to drive the 428 Mustang, while Bruce Fitzgibbon was added to drive the Cougar. The team scored a Winternationals Eliminator win which sparked these ads:

"Sandy Elliot Performance Center has the answer. As proven at the 1970 NHRA Winternationals."

All that promotional energy wasted away into the void created by Henry Ford's withdrawal of performance funding. Insurance companies had also clamped down making it very difficult to insure a Cyclone with a massive Cobra Jet engine. Elliot relinquished their Cobra Jet bias to develop some mini muscle.

The factory issue Ford Maverick stripe and spoiler "Grabber" package provided a good starting place for Sandy Elliot. Sandy's son drove a 1970 Maverick done up as a "Boss 302" street machine with Sig Erson cam, electric fuel pumps, JR headers, Lakewood scatter shield, Hurst 4 speed, line lock, 4.86:1 Detroit locker and mags. The fully street legal little Maverick ran 12.49 at 110.88 mph.

Sandy Elliot loaded up his lot with 250 new Mavericks and stocked up on Maverick specific hop up parts: mags, headers, cams, spoilers, hood scoops, and 3-2 barrel carb set-ups. Sandy always preferred the Mercury brand and when the Comet nameplate was revived for 1971 hitched onto the Maverick platform they turned their attention to that little car instead. The factory Comet GT was a nice image car like the insurance premium friendly Heavy Chevy, Pontiac GT-37, Plymouth Duster Twister which all featured standard 2 barrel V8s combined with mags and stripes.

Sandy Elliot brought in a fleet of Comet GTs and promoted their insurance cheater status and low initial cost which saved buyers money for bolt-on parts available in their Performance Center. Sandy said "Modify with muscle parts and you'll have a screamer." Sandy created a dealer special car he named "The Bandit" in honor of his racing team. The Bandit was a 1971 Comet GT with F70-14 Goodyears on mag wheels and a stock drivetrain begging to receive Poole super tuning and Performance Center parts. Sandy further enhanced visibility of the Comet GT when he built a Pro Stock 1971 Comet 429 CJ.

In a sign of the times Sandy was blowing out Doug Thorley headers for small block Ford, big block Mopars, small and big block Chevy's for only $89.95. He was also clearing out new and used slicks and dumping Detroit Lockers at clearance prices. But meanwhile the center was awash in headers, chrome reverse mags and other parts to fit Vega, Pinto, Capri, Opel, and even Cricket mini performance cars.

Performance was falling off a cliff. In 1972 Sandy Elliot sold his Lincoln Mercury dealership to his general manager Jack Stowe. Sandy and his son John focused on their new passion for cycles which nicely dovetailed with the developing craze for minibikes and motorcycles. The Sandy Elliot Performance Center name moved to 384 Richmond Street where they displayed cycles and boats and snowmobiles. In 1977 Performance Center was renamed Honda House and eventually began stocking cars as well as cycles. John Stone carried on as President of the Sandy Elliot dealership at 370 Richmond Street into the 1980s. Sandy Elliot died Feb 14, 2015 in Chatham age 94. Sandy's son John Elliot uses the old racecar zebra stripe as a logo for Honda House and has gotten back into racing some of the new high performance Honda cars. The former Sandy Elliot L-M dealership at 370 Richmond is now a Tirecraft location.


GARDNER MOTORS, Sudbury, ON (became Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler)

Gardner Motors is the longest surviving Chrysler dealership in Canada. It is now under a new name Mike Doyle but has been in continuous business since 1921 when it was established as a Dodge dealership by Percy Gardner.

Percy Gardner immigrated to Canada in 1907 from England. Sudbury lumber baron William Joseph Bell employed Gardner to look after his horses. When Bell decided to upgrade Gardner to chauffeur in 1911 he sent Gardner to training courses in Detroit and Toronto. Gardner become an expert on cars which led him to a new career.

In 1921 Gardner was granted a Dodge franchise. The dealership did well enough that Gardner was able to build a large dealership with 3 floors in 1926. As was typical of many dealerships, he also incorporated a gas station into the property. The once popular White Rose brand of gasoline was sold at the dealership.

Gardner's brothers were involved in the business. Harold died in the 1940s and Stan sold out his share to Percy in the 1950s. In the 1960s Percy's son, Bill Gardner took over the dealership. In the 1960s the Gardner line up was Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler.

The experimental 1962 Chrysler turbine concept car was displayed at dealerships in a cross country tour. Gardner Motors was one of the dealerships selected to display the turbine car in their showroom. The engineers started it every hour. The advanced turbine-powered Chrysler concept cars were also distributed to random owners for in field use.

Mike Doyle began working for Gardner as a 15-year-old high school student in 1965. Mike's father Leo was parts manager at Gardner Motors. After completing university Mike worked his way up from sales to general manager. Mike took over the dealership when Bill Gardner passed away after a short illness in 1986. At this time Chrysler Corporation had bought AMC and these cars became part of the Gardner lineup.

In 1998, Doyle sold the new and used car lots and constructed a 27,000-square-foot single-location dealership in the south end of Sudbury next to a General Motors dealership. At age 62 Mike Doyle turned over the running of the dealership to his 30 year old son Brian and sales manager Blake Didone.

The oldest Chrysler dealership in Canada continues today under a new name: Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler Jeep.


LLOYD HALL MOTORS LTD (Pontiac Buick), Ingersoll, ON

Lloyd Hall Motors Ltd was a Pontiac Buick dealership in Ingersoll, Ontario during the 1960s and 1970s.


HAMILTON MOTOR PRODUCTS (Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac-GMC), Hamilton, ON

Hamilton Motor Products was located in Hamilton, Ontario during the 1960s. The dealership advertised as a Pontiac- Acadian-Beaumont dealership because at that time GM was marketing Acaidan and Beaumont as stand-alone brands, although they were internally coded as Canadian Pontiacs. Hamilton Motor Products also carried Buick-Cadillac-GMC franchises.


HOPPER PONTIAC BUICK GMC, North Bay, ON/ 888-392-9178

Hopper Pontiac Buick GMC is located at 550 McKeown Ave, North Bay, Ontario. Stuart Hopper is the general manager of the dealership.


KAWARTHA CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE, Peterborough, ON/ 866-451-3834


Kawartha Chrysler Dodge Jeep is located at 1515 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, Ontario. The dealer is the largest volume dealer in the Kawarthas and Peterborough. Their website provides coverage of some exciting news. Jan 9, 2012 marks the return of the Dodge Dart nameplate at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The new 2013 Dart will replace the Caliber. The merger with Fiat has given Chrysler access to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta which was treated to increased size and rebadged as the new Dart.


LAKEWOOD FORD SALES LTD, North Bay, ON (1975)/ Closed.

Lakewood was located at 479 Main St East, North Bay, Ontario.


LESLIE FORD, Harriston, ON/ 800-997-2310


LESLIE FORD has three locations: 73 Elora Street in Harriston; 1447 Yonge Street in Walkerton, and 40453 Amberly Road in Wingham, Ontario. Leslie Ford hosts an annual Mustang show which is open to all model years. This summer, 2012 it will be held August 11th.



dealer gus revenberg chev lic frame ontario

Gus Revenberg Chevrolet Buick GMC is located at 10150 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, Ontario.



True North Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd is located at 1370 Seymour Street, North Bay, Ontario. True North was originally named True North Chevrolet Geo- Oldsmobile Cadillac Ltd. The pruning of GM makes shortened the dealership name.


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